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Low-voltage FloorHeat STEP Radiant Floor Heating System

Installation and System Component Information

FloorHeat STEP logo. The FloorHeat heating element can be installed directly under any non-conductive floor covering and requires almost no floor buildup. The low-voltage heating element can be nailed or stapled through, making installation quicker and easier than other in-floor heating systems.

Installation of Radiant Heat System Components

Heat hardwood floors. For any floor warming or radiant heat system, the use of proper thermal insulation is highly recommended. Without the use of insulation, cold stripes on the finished floor surface may be evident even with a tight element spacing. As a minimum, you need to have more R-value below the heating element than above.

Heating Element - Manufactured in the United States (ISO 9001 certified manufacturer), the FloorHeat STEP heating element is a self-regulating, low-voltage, polyethylene heating element that comes in 12- and 9-inch rolls. When the ambient temperature rises, the electrical resistance in the heating element increases and the consumption of electricity decreases. So, as the material gets warmer, less electricity passes through the heating element, making this system one of the most energy-efficient systems on the market. The self-regulating properties ensure that the element will not overheat.

Installing a heated bathroom floor The floor heating system is ideal for renovation and new construction, and can be used under almost any flooring, including tile, stone, hardwood, laminate, resilient and carpet, etc. No additional floor buildup is required when heating floors with the FloorHeat radiant heated floor system. FloorHeat is a safe low-voltage radiant heating product for practically any application. Simply roll out the heating element and cut to size (if necessary). Once the heating element is laid out, make the electrical connections and run the extension wires to the power supply and/or optional terminal block.

The Power Unit - Warmzone offers premium Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV) power supplies that are energy efficient, silent and easy to install. The step down transformer converts the line voltage (220 Volts) to the low voltage (60 Volts or less). The advanced circuitry in the power unit regulates the system, assuring safe, accurate, and optimal performance. FloorHeat operates on low-voltage and does not require a ground fault switch. It is normally connected to a 24 volt transformer, but can also be run by solar or wind-power sources.

The power supply series offered is built to the highest safety standards, with built-in circuit breakers on the primary and secondary sides. The load is divided into separate circuits in the interface board to provide SELV (Safety Extra-Low Voltage). Additionally, the power supply has a built-in regulator board that serves as an intelligent switch to enable/disable the line voltage in such a way that switching/pulsing does not harm the power supply’s toroidal coil(s).

The mechanical design is functional and installation friendly. This slim and congenial design is made from extruded aluminum profiles providing a high performance cooling structure as well as an enclosure to eliminate air sound. Sound is also reduced by the high quality winding of the coils themselves, thus making the power supply essentially silent. All vibrating parts are isolated to virtually eliminate the transmission of noise through the building structure.

Programmable Touch floor heating system thermostat. The Thermostat - Warmzone floor heating system thermostats are fully automated, allowing you to save energy as well as have the radiant floor heating system operate precisely when you want. You can program the floors to warm just prior to you getting up each morning and then shutoff as you leave for work. Cutting edge thermostats with an in-floor sensor to measure floor temperature and thermostats with ambient sensors that detect room temperature are available from Warmzone.

Warmzone thermostats are the most advanced floor heating thermostats on the market, and include the TOUCH and TOUCH WIFI thermostats. Other thermostats are available as well, so customers have a wide selection of controllers to choose from. Radiant floor heating thermostats also feature a relay output for variable setting of requested heating output, up to 10A. The floor heating system is maintenance free, easily zoned and energy efficient.

Warmzone floor heating systems can be used to efficiently heat all types of floors. Call or contact a Warmzone radiant heat expert today for a FREE quote or more information about radiant floor heating systems.

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